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Slavery is a thing that has been with us since 1619, and is still with us today in 2016. I am so disgusted by how people were to own slaves, to them they were treating them how they “deserved” but to me slaves were treated like animals. They would get whipped if they wouldn’t finish there work and didn’t have enough nutrients “ The women and men slaves received, as their monthly allowance of food, eight pounds of pork or fish, and one bushel of corn meal. The allowance of the slave children was given to their mothers, or the old women having care of them.” Some people may be born into slavery like Frederick Douglass, or some may be tricked/forced into slavery like Ima Matul. For three years she was held captive and forced to as a domestic slave here in the US. When she lived in Indonesia the family she worked for told her that in Los Angeles they were looking for a nanny and if she went she got the job. Matul said yes because she thought it was an amazing opportunity to come to the US, but little did she know she wouldn’t be living the american dream. Matul worked 7 days a week with no pay, and one was taken to the hospital because she was assaulted. She didn’t speak and english and was told that if she went to the cops they would deport her, but she wrote a note to a neighbor nany which said please help. A couple days later she got a note and help was on the way, Matul was to have her things ready and be ready to escape. The neighbor took her to the CAST ( Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking.) After Matul was there for 15 months she was helped to get her life together and get a job, she worked hard and now is married and has three kids. Frederick Douglass was born into slavery had slave owner who would trade him left and right as if her was some kind of toy. According to Frederick, “I have no accurate knowledge of my age, by far the larger part of the slaves know as little of their age as horses know theirs.” At a young age Frederick saw horrifying bloody transactions, and learned that you are forced to be happy with what you have. As recalled in the book Frederick said that once Colonel Lloyd (he has a lot of slaves) asked on of them on how they were treated and the slave responded like any slave would “no”, and they went about in the conversation and then Colonel Lloyd left and a couple weeks later the slave was sold to a Georgia Trader. After that incident most slaves would never talk bad on their owners. Altho both of them were slaves Frederick had it harder, because he had to endure long suffering pain for 20 years “ I fell down, and lay for a considerable time. The blood oozing from the wound on my head. For a time I thought I should bleed to death”. He had to strive to try to educate himself, while trying to keep his owner pleased and working long hard hours. While on the other hand Matul also had a rough time being a slave, she always thought that if she would try to reach out for help she would get deported. The people who were holding Matul as a slave were once trying to do what she was doing, to make some money and make a living in the USA but they only saw the opportunity to enslave a helpless women. Matul and Frederick both worked extremely hard to become free, and they did get their freedom. It took Matul 15 months and Frederick 20 years. As Malcolm X says,“Anytime anyone is enslaved, or in any way deprived of his liberty, if that person is a human being, as far as I am concerned he is justified to resort to whatever methods necessary to bring about his liberty again”.





I’ve had glasses ever since I was in 2nd grade. I don’t even remember being told that I needed them I just remember having them on the first day. I still have my first pair of glasses I’ve never thrown them away, they are the tortoise color. I use to think I wouldn’t be able to live a normal life with glasses, because if you have glasses you know that you have to be extra careful with them cause they’re not cheap. But as I grew older I learned to learned that I would just have to stick with them. Whenever I would do anything physical I would always have to take them off, and everything would get blurry again. Swimming was the hardest without glasses, because you have to see what side of the lane line you’re in, or where the wall is, and the clock for the intervals. I would always be the leader of my lane so I would always have to follow the person in the other lane, but that wouldn’t really work out cause I would always be the first one there. so my coach would always tell me when to go. He would try to let other people in front of me but I would just pass them. My glasses would also interfere with my soccer so I would always so I’m playing half blind, because without my glasses everything is blurry. And one I got hit in the face with the ball but luckily I didn’t have them on. But 2 years ago I got contacts so now I put them on anytime I do sports. Whenever I had eye appointments I would always hear you need new glasses and I would not look forward to wearing something different on my face, but then after having on glasses for 9 years you get use to them. My new glasses I have now are raybans I didn’t want them at first but then my sister was like trust me you’ll like them so I tried them out and I loved them! My last pair were also blak raybans and in those years I switch eye doctors so when I went to the new doctor for a prescription he said “ did you get these last year, and I was like “ no I’ve had them for 4 years, and the doctor was like man that is crazy most people who come to me with 4 year old glasses then are falling apart. Now for the last 4 years my eyesight has stayed the same so that means I can get laser eye surgery when I turn 21! I think I am really going to miss them because by the time I turn 21 I will have had glasses for  14 years. Sometimes I wake up and hate putting on my glasses, but other days I am very happy I have them.

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When I grow up I want to become a Police Officer. I know that the job is very dangerous but I don’t care because I want to give back to my City and am just fascinated with what they do. Everyday I think about what department I want to work at, or if I want a Bachelors or Masters degree in Sociology and Physiology. My parents always put a lot of pressure on me because they also want me to become a officer. Ever since I was 7 I knew I wanted to become an officer but never really told anyone I wasn’t ashamed of it I just thought I was to young to do anything about it. Until one day I told my mom and she found a program called Explorers but I was to young it. Explorers is for kids 14-21 years old and it gives them learning experiences like what to expect if they want to become officers. I have always been a very busy person until one day I went and  got an application. 3 weeks later I had an interview and got accepted, and in my first meeting I learned about car stops. Next thing I know I was practicing one! Then a couple months after I went to academy and graduated and got my blue uniform. My first ride-along with an officer was so cool, I got to talk on the radio and help tell dispatch the person’s info and I just fell more in love with the job. I already have my future planned out. I become a police aid at 21 then by the time I finish school at 22 I’ll be applying to go to the Golden West Police Academy then at 22 or 23 i’ll be a sworn officer at a Department! I really want my parents to be proud of me and see me in the streets of my city helping out as a officer. Right now all I can do is go to school and study hard, I am also working out a lot so that I can stay in shape. The one thing that frightens me is that what if I don’t pass academy? I hate thinking about that, but what if it does happen, because for each task you have to do you only get 2 tries and If you don’t get it right in the second one then you get kicked out. The only thing that I am scared of are the tests, because I’ve never been good with those but no passing academy is not an option in my life. My goal in life is to become an officer but I want to be a K-9 officer & swat. People think that’s crazy but I will prove to them that it’s not. I will prove to them that if I try really hard I will soon reach my goal of becoming an Officer.

Katie Ledecky

Before Katie Ledecky went to the Olympics she was a regular swimmer like me. She started swimming at the age of 6 following in her brother Michael’s footsteps. She was a very good swimmer even when she was little, she was already swimming in her senior-prep group when she was 10. Her average yardage was 20-25K per week, she had 5-6 workouts per week. Most kids only do 10,000 yards per week. She was very into swimming she would almost never miss practices unless she was very sick, unlike most  kids who would find excuses to miss practice. She first started swimming with a swim clinic, then worked her up to be in club. Not everyone was born a natural athlete but with Katie she was. She was self driven and had a different approach to swimming, that every event was a sprint some longer than others. Not most swimmers are sprinters and also swim long distance. When she was around 10 she meet her idol Michael Phelps, then 5 years later she was on team USA swimming with him. By the time she was 15, she already won 15 medals. She broke every record at her high school swim team except the 100 breaststroke. At one meet she won every freestyle event and they called it the Katie sweep. When she was 15 she beat Janet Evans(23) time in the 800 freestyle. She had beat most boys times and was a monster when it came to swimming. Most 15 year old would be going to junior Olympics or nationals, but Katie was already at the Olympics! And now at 18 is still one of the youngest to be on team USA. She trains with mostly boys, and beats them. Not most people can say that they swim for Team USA. Katie doesn’t care about the distance she swims, for her all swims are a stroll in the park. Most people wish that they could be as fast as her, she gets faster times in long course than my short course times. Not everyone was/is born a natural at their sport but Katie was born a natural. Like she says don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it right.                 Continue reading “Katie Ledecky”

November 22, 2014


The day my life changed forever, this is the day that I wish I could go back in time and fix it. I had a very special dog named Kita growing up, she was a light brown cocker spaniel and was my best friend. I still remember the day my parents brought her home. I was in 4th grade, and overwhelmed with emotions because I had never owned a dog before. She could fit in the palm of my hand and could barely open her eyes. In my house there are 3 stairs to go into my living room and she would have trouble climbing them, it was very cute trying to see her climb them because she would always slip or fall. As time passed she grew to be my best friend. Everyday I would get home from school I would go straight to see her and she would always be waiting for me. When I would have problem I would always talk to her because to me she wasn’t a dog she was much more. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that makes my question if there was ever once that I was mad at her or didn’t want to see her. During Thanksgiving break on  November 22, 2014 I felt like my heart was being taken from my chest. I woke up before my mom and sister and was going to go see if Kita was outside because she wasn’t inside, and I  called her name around 10 time but she didn’t show up. I was scared that she might have ran away because the side door of my house was very loose, but it was closed. I walk around my backyard and see her helplessly lying down in the planter just shaking her tail and looking at me. Right then at that second I knew that something was wrong. I carried her into the house and laid her in her bed and yelled for my mom to come quickly. My mom looked at her and said that everything was fine because Kita has the tendency to eat things she would find on the floor. But I argued with her that we had to take her to the hospital and she said no. So my sister and I had to find out what was wrong with her. In a matter of hours she couldn’t walk, we would try to lift her and help her walk but she would just fall down. I was a mess, I couldn’t stand the fact that I couldn’t do anything to help her get better. She just kept getting worse. By 4PM she would eat anything, drink anything, just lay there. I would try to give her food but she would only eat a small portion then she would throw it up. After that my mom realised that she was getting really bad and finally said that it was time to go to the hospital. When we go there I was crying because I knew that the news wasn’t going to be good. The man next to me looked at me and put his hand on my shoulder and said,” Everything is going to be okay I promise.” After he said I wanted to punch anything that was in my way. I was mad at the world for what was happening to my dog. But the person I am mad at the most was the doctor. When he took her back all he said was that if she had eaten something poisonous he couldn’t do anything, if we started to see blood in her vomit or poop that we should take her back. So we went home and didn’t take out eves of off her. My brother was trying to see what she had eaten and it was fertilizer. So he called poison control and told them about the situation and they said to take her to the hospital, but we didn’t take her again cause the doctor would have said the same thing as the other one. At 9PM I was laying down next to her and she had a seizure. I stood up and held her down because I knew that she had to have her head stable. I now have a scarring mental image or her in pain. She had foam on mouth, wouldn’t look directly at you, and looked as if she was dead. She had 5 more seizures until my parents got home and took her to the hospital. My mom wouldn’t let me go so she took my brother. I kissed Kita goodbye and told her she would come back home soon. I took off her collar and put it next to a picture of the Virgin Mary. I waited an agonizing 2 hours until my dad received a call from my mom that told us “ The doctor said that he can keep her and give her medicine that would help her get better for the night but for the rest of her life she would have to take pills to control her seizures but she would still have them often. So I think that it’s better that we her to sleep and so that she’s not in anymore pain.” I started screaming on the top of my lungs NO, and just started crying and tried to comprehend that life isn’t fair. I asked if my dad could drive me to see her but my mom told him to not take us. So finally after 30 minutes my sister and I had to reason with them and let her go. I ran to my room and grabbed her collar and said a prayer to god that he would take care of her and play with her when she gets taken to a better place. I know that still to this day her spirit is with us and she will never get forgotten. I have a scar that she made on my ear because she bit me there and I cherish that scar so much. I still grab her collar and talk to it, because she is still with me. But I will never forget November 22, the day that I felt like I wanted to die.               Continue reading “November 22, 2014”

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